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Our Story

GGCIM Chaplain’s Pledge

As a Holy Chaplain I have been called by God, the Father of Glory who created me to glorify Him.

He anointed, and appointed me to do His will.

As a Holy Chaplain I will take this pledge to seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness first, and I receive everything He have given me, and above all I will walk in the plan that He (GOD) have planned for me to walk in.

I believe that God have the plan of life for all mankind

(Jeremiah 29:11) and will give man the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding to live in His peace and walk after His righteousness.

As a born again believer of God the Father, Jesus Christ is Son my Savior and the Holy Spirit which is the Power of God.

As a Holy Chaplain I will serve the One who created heaven and earth "The Almighty God" first than all of God’s people to lead them to Salvation and Righteousness. As a Holy Chaplain I am a servant of the Almighty living God, and my brothers and sisters keeper, I have the heart of God to love the world and hate sin.

As a Holy Chaplain I pledge to obey the Laws, and commandments of God Almighty

Written By: Apostle-Dr. Geraldine Cash (Head Chaplain)

               Why Us?


We believe in the Holy Trinity of Heaven the Almighty God our Father the creator of heaven and earth, His Son Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior conceived by the Holy Ghost, born by the Virgin Mary, then crucified, and buried, resurrected on the third day then ascended into Heaven and now seated at the right hand of His Father, and the Holy Ghost wish is the Almighty Power of God who is our comforter, keeper, protector, and counselor.

We believe in prophecy, the healing power of God, the delivering power of God.

We believe in The Communion, forgiveness, life after death “eternal Life”.

We believe in the Ten Commandments.

We believe in the whole Bible being the Holy Word of God and have the final authority in heaven and on earth.

We believe marriage is between one man and one women “ONLY”! Genesis 2:24; Matthew 19:4-5; Genesis 2:24.

We believe in the Salvation of sinful men washed through the Lord Jesus Christ blood on the cross by faith.

We believe in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

We believe in the Fruit of the Holy Spirit.

We believe in Satan, who exists as a personal enemy.

We believe the unity of the Holy Spirit of all true believers.

We believe in the return of the Lord Jesus Christ for the church His bride.

We believe in the fivefold ministry of the church.

We believe in the speaking of tongues according to Acts 2.

We believe in the whole Bible (The Word Of God) Genesis to Revelation.

Apostle-Dr. Geraldine Cash

Head Chaplain

Apostle-Dr. Geraldine L. Cash, is the mother of three daughters, step-mother of two, grandmother of six, god-mother of eight, and spiritual-mother of two. She loves and thank God, the Father, for all her children with her whole heart. She is the daughter of Pastor Robert L. Cash, Sr. and the late Pinkie Ruth Bighom-Cash, the granddaughter of the late Elder Lloyd Cash/Naomi Rahming-Cash, and the late Elijah Bighom/Corrine Durden- Bighom. She’s also the niece of the well-known Gospel Singer and Preacher Apostle J. L. Cash, Sr. Truly, she is the granddaughter of Naomi and daughter of Ruth.

Dr. Cash gave her life to the Lord Jesus Christ at age 17. She was a member of Johnson Temple Church of God in Christ in Fort Pierce, Florida. She’s been a born-again child of God for 42 years. She began her ministry as a Chaplain working with Fort Bragg Military Chaplain at Fort Bragg Army Base, in Fayetteville, N.C. as a youth Chaplain in her neighborhood at age 19. In 1996, she became a licensed and ordained Chaplain by the National Chaplain Association, at the age of 21. God called her into the fivefold ministry as an Evangelist, receiving her license and ordination to the Office in the year of 2000. Dr. Cash has been a Chaplain for 40 years and an Evangelist for 37 years.

Dr. Cash is the Founder/President of “THE GOLDEN GATES CHAPLAIN INTERNATIONAL MINISTRIES, INC” where she trains and equips men and women of God to become Chaplains. She also prepares them for spiritual warfare and battle for the Kingdom of God through the word of God. She praises her heavenly God for saving her at a very early age keeping her from sabotaging the plans He has for her life. God has blessed her to become an author, teacher, preacher, evangelist, and prophetess. God has also blessed her to become an entrepreneur, business woman, designer, and seamstress and much, much more. She is a walking miracle; a true testament of the impossible by the grace and mercy of God almighty that became possible.

Apostle-Dr. Geraldine L. Cash

Head Chaplain

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